Sederhana B Bookcase

Sederhana B Bookcase

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"Sederhana" means simple. The shelves add an anchoring and comforting simplicity to space. Their usefulness is about as straightforward as a thing gets: existing to have stuff put on it. Sometimes we might wish our lives were as simple as a shelf, as simple as just squatting comfortably and carving a flat surface into the tops of our heads to oblige whatever might look nice there: a bust of Sitting Bull, say, or a sock monkey, or the complete works of John Updike, or maybe some favorite dried fruits. Life's more complicated, though - like the production of Sederhana shelves, for example. Up to six or seven types of salvaged tropical hardwood might go into the construction of just one unit. We fetch wood from here-to-hinterland, salvaging landslides and volcanic lahars, rivers and land cleared for modernization’s sure march. We thoughtfully craft distresses and irregularities into aesthetic virtues and then make the end products simple to acquire. We do it because the business model is an effective strategy to contribute to restoration economics: trade generates capital to acquire land on which to restore native tree species that capture carbon dioxide and enable biodiversity’s regeneration. Restoration economics is fueled by an acknowledgement that we alone must and can relieve such perils that we alone have created. It derives from the simplest common sense: if we respect our natural wonders and resources, and, in so doing, maintain a reasonable quality of life for generations who follow us, then we honor our gods and strengthen our spirits. A simple truth.

         And behold the shelves’ beauty. Available with slatted or panel sides.

27.5" wide x 16" deep x 79" high (We build them with backs, too.)

4411 (panel)

4412 (slats)