Karen's Shelves

Karen's Shelves

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Our furniture is not currently available online. Contact our Portland showroom 503-233-4209 to purchase this product.

Available in the Sellwood showroom now.

Karen looked everywhere for a right design. So far as her search revealed, the design didn’t exist. Karen is assertive, thorough and always good-natured. Her determination is as fiery as her red hair. She asked us to make her media center. She envisioned “simple, efficient and versatile” for audio and visual hardware components that steadily seem to shrink in size - except the screen, and except her collection of vintage vinyl. We made it. Karen loved the design and she loved our use of diverse, unusual woods that might otherwise have been wasted. Karen was on to something. Today, production is challenged to keep up with demand for Karen’s Shelves. Thanks, Karen, for motivating us. Your name ennobles a media center but we think it should also describe a constellation: that great, yet not mythical, media center scintillating in the heavens.

Standard: 47" wide x 27.5" high x 15.5" deep 

Tall: 47" wide x 34" high x 15.5" deep

(Fits standard record albums.)


4508 (standard)

4509 (tall)