Darwin's Utility Shelves

Darwin's Utility Shelves

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Okay, so it wasn't really exclusively Darwin's theory. He was just riffing with his contemporary, Wallace, and they came to it more or less together. Irrefutable historical record reveals this: Darwin was well aware of, and even borrowed from, his colleague’s insights. But we forgive Charlie’s posture of dominion over the great discovery anyway because he said this: "How paramount the future is to the present when one is surrounded by children." There is greatness of heart in this insight and his namesake shelves make a lot of room for it. Tropical Salvage, like Darwin, is strongly motivated by the kiddos. How's about using this gorgeous salvaged wood shelf for the tomes of knowledge you'll pass on to your kids? Then, may they in turn fill it with thoughtful, compassionate reads for their kids, and so on through a hopefully ascendant slope of continued evolution.

51" wide x 30" high x 12" deep

Also available long (59" x 12" x 30") or tall (52" x 12" x 37") $529



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4441 (standard)

4442 (long)

4443 (tall)