Dampier's Journal Chest, 3-Drawer

Dampier's Journal Chest, 3-Drawer

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William Dampier, limped onto the island of Java in 1699 with a leaky galleon and a fed-up crew. No one had heard from him in a decade. He was an explorer, naturalist and buccaneer who predated Wallace and Darwin and from whose journals Wallace and Darwin borrowed liberally. Before Wallace and Darwin, Dampier well intuited the essential elements of evolution’s genius but he didn’t describe it in meticulous detail as a cohesive, leather bound concept. (For some of us, it is important to win the prize. For others of us, the phenomenal experience of life is itself the prize.) It more interested WD to seek remotest places and enjoy a freebooter’s freedom to do as he pleased. It pleased him most to make informed and detailed observations of the lands, waters, winds, peoples and species amidst which he roved. He kept a lot of journals and stored them in a sea chest.

21" wide x 47" high x 18.5" deep (Fits standard files.)



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