Conservation Coffee Table

Conservation Coffee Table

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Available in the Sellwood showroom now. 

A smooth integration of primitive and modern line, this coffee table reminds us that we can – and our sensitive atmosphere strongly advises that we ought to – construe our modern pursuits to grow rationally from and honor our immutable dependence on primitive forces. In essence, conserve what allowed us to become who we are. The table also fits a board game and your family of challengers. It prefers Risk or Catan to a jigsaw puzzle, now, because of that one time Aunt Joan took a piece to bed with her, retiring a good two hours before we realized a piece had gone missing. The next morning, she stood in her pink chenille robe, and smiling slyly over her teacup, she pressed in the last piece. It held the adored and adoring lips of Klimt’s “Kiss.” A much needed piece of the puzzle among all humanity.

40" wide x 19" deep x 18" high



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