Cabin Side Table, Tall

Cabin Side Table, Tall

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Simple, solid domiciles crafted from and amidst our sheltering rooted kin, cabins are where we’re from and where many of us might rather be. Enduring, unadorned, loyal wood is our specie’s evolutionary aesthetic preference. For millennia we shaped it, consecrated it, passed it down through generations. Its remnants and replicates relax and warm today’s necessary smelted, forged and fabricated urban dwellings. The Cabin side table: token of your primordial home that politely and always humbly reminds “modern” of its ephemeral substance. A drawer ably stores dark chocolate, found stones that hold a fond memory, reliable pens, a baroque ring given to you by a dear friend who didn’t realize you’d never wear such a thing. The shelf favors Maugham and Steinbeck, both of the Amis’. Cabin with a fiftieth floor view.

18" wide   x  18" deep  x  28" high


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