Teak root burly rice bowl full of blueberries

Burly Rice Bowl

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A lil' tough and rumble bowl that's hypnotic in a swirls of wood rings. It's a good non-plastic choice for a family that takes living fully to the next level. Do your worst, family. The burly can handle it. Perfect for a portion of rice and peanut sauce, a bowl of berries, or holding your keys. Just be warned: don't stare into the bottom for too long. You may not be able to resist your impulses. 

Approximately 6" in diameter and 3-5" deep.


Note on care: Our homeware products are food safe. We recommend washing with soap and warm water before use and occasionally treating them with a food-safe wood conditioner to maintain their appearance. They prefer your hand-washing to the brute of the dishwasher. 

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