small salvaged teak root bowl

Burly Bowl, Small

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Available in the Sellwood showroom now. 

A petite salvaged teak root bowl, our small Burly Bowl holds all the little things that go a long way. Are your family dinners build-your-own? These bowls are great for laying out the choices--the five-chili curry drizzle and lemony guac, the sour cream and blood orange salsa concoction that you love and the kids hate, the slippery mushrooms and Uncle Joe's fireman's hot sauce, the undateable onions and pickled jalapeno. Of course, your favorite--stinky cheese. Have it all, but do it like Sally Albright does it. On the side.

Approximately 8" in diameter. 


Note on care: Our homeware products are food safe. We recommend washing with soap and warm water before use and occasionally treating them with a food-safe wood conditioner to maintain their appearance. They prefer your hand-washing to the brute of the dishwasher. 

All items are one-of-a kind; the item photographed is a style guide. Your piece is totally unlike any other.