Big Plan Table

Big Plan Table

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Hour is late. Light is dim, maybe candle-cast. Conversation is by turns raucous and pensive, bantering and murmuring; necessary audial ingredients to influence distillation, to provoke emergence. A moth frenzies like a harbinger. Hands are grasping and etching emphasis into the air. Fate feels attentive to, even commanded by a singular raw convergence of kindred souls.

It gains shape. Its heart churns. It glows and its wings spread. Serially molting gossamer wings reaching the length of a gorgeous table: the table bearing the plan, celebrating its birthday, offering it to posterity.

Big effing plan! Its history is already racing! The lot of you are brilliant! Don’t surrender to self-satisfaction! On to the next one!

Maybe add fuel, first. Cold cuts, crisp baby dills, smoked gruyere, olive ciabatta: thunked onto the table and dug into without a pause from plan-hatching.

 47" wide x 30" high x 32" deep

Standard: $499.

With drawer: $549.




5106 - drawer