salvaged teak root bowl

Betawi Bowl, Teak Root

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The name “Betawi” derives from “Batavia,” a colonial Dutch settlement that was established in Northwest Java at the beginning of the Seventeenth Century on land that today is a part of Jakarta. “Betawi people” refers to Jakarta’s earliest recorded inhabitants. Essentially, the Betawi people are an international integration of the area’s original inhabitants and the diverse peoples drawn to opportunities created by Batavia’s flourishing commerce. They include members from many of the archipelago’s prominent tribes, such as Bugis, Batak, Balinese, Madurese, Malay, Sasak, Sundanese et al – as well as members from early trader nations, such as the Netherlands, Portugal, China, and Arabia.

Integrating lines and contours, diverse colors and figure, a salvaged wood, teak Betawi Bowl symbolizes unity of cheerful, tolerant spirit along a historical continuum of diverse influences and adventure. A Betawi Bowl achieves its genius when it’s filled with globally inspired hot-dang chow. Chew slowly, savor flavors, reflect patiently on this world’s rich history and variable beauty.

A charismatic vessel for salsa, aioli, or ice cream. A non-glass, non-plastic option for your child's favorite: hot oatmeal with strawberries. Write his initial on top with the maple syrup. You are a hero!

Dimensions: 5" by 5" and 2" deep.


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