Ascending Shelves

Ascending Shelves

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One rest-step at a time, we each ascend the incline of our aspirations, slowly, methodically, and packing with us only hearty sustenance, tokens from our beloveds, and the vision of that bright future we desire to manifest. What's this? A summit already? One deep breath and a celebratory pause before the outright tongue-hang, seat-of-your-pants, thrill of a slobbery steep descent. Wind in your face, a grin, and tears. Ever-optimistic, our Ascending Shelves also promise that joyful descent. Ascending to the left or right, the staggered shelving is an elegant choice for display and storage. And it's always best to leave a little white space when in pursuit.  

43" wide   x  59" high"    

Frequently purchased with Malayan Pearl Diver's Bureau.

4423 (ascends to the left)

4425 (ascends to the right)