Teak wooden tongs

Kitchen Tongs

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“Quick. Get the tongs!” The bacon has reached that infinitesimal point in time between under-done and too crispy. Timing is more important in your kitchen right now than when you asked grandma to tell you her real age. Fate has no influence when there is breakfast at stake. You must act! Get those buggers out a-sap. “Tongs!” Schwew. Just in time. Halos and accolades to you and your little sous chef. An orange juice toast of mutual congratulations. Today is going to be a good one. Also made with salvaged rosewood, coco wood, and aren wood. 

Dimensions: 12" long.


Note on care: Our homeware products are food safe. We recommend washing with soap and warm water before use and occasionally treating them with a food-safe wood conditioner or oil to maintain their appearance. They prefer your hand-washing to the brute of the dishwasher. 

All items are one-of-a kind. The item photographed is a style guide. Your piece is totally unlike any other.