Generous Spoon, Rosewood

Generous Spoon, Rosewood

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A spoon with such a commodious mouth that it seems to aspire to be a ladle. With a major-domo’s handsome, poised countenance. “Hello there, madame, how may I be of service to you?" Pretty much the ideal scooping size for sauces, rice, or nearly whatever you're cooking - or, ordering in - tonight. A pair works well for salads. (What is it with salad serving forks? Have you ever speared anything with a clunky salad serving fork? Waste of tines. Use two Generous Spoons.)

Hand-carved from rosewood root.

Dimensions: around 11" long and 3.75" across at its most generous.


Note on care: Our homeware products are food safe. We recommend washing with soap and warm water before use and occasionally treating them with a food-safe wood conditioner or oil to maintain their appearance. They prefer your hand-washing to the brute of the dishwasher. 

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