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Rosewood Bowl, Wild Edge

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Salvaged rosewood root bowls. Each is singularly shaped; live edges defer to wild edginess. Dark, deep, whorled grain - each is a palette of nature's abandon over decades beneath the ground. Draws your attention like a vortex into some primal portal: our wildness before the cage of law, the yawn of etiquette. These bowls are especially companionable with recipes borne of untethered instinct. Don't hold back.

12" x 10" x 4" deep. Varies wildly. 


All items are one-of-a kind; the item photographed is a style guide. Your piece is totally unlike any other.

Note on care: Our homeware products are food safe. We recommend washing with soap and warm water before use and occasionally treating them with a food-safe wood conditioner to maintain their appearance. They prefer your hand-washing to the brute of the dishwasher.