Agile Gibbon Hang Tree

Agile Gibbon Hang Tree

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At the end of your workday, you shed your clothes to take a shower and your partner barks, “Hang up your clothes, you slob!” They pester your already much-challenged haul to a well-earned moment of peace. Despite their abrupt reminder, you were going to hang up your clothes anyway. You look forward to hanging your clothes because they appear so lovely hanging on your Agile Gibbon Hang Tree. Hanging your clothes is among your small favorite routines, keeping company with sitting in a comfortable spot in the morning to mind-drift over a cup of coffee, or karaoke-ing James Brown’s “Sex Machine,” or affecting an English accent to read P.G. Wodehouse to your children and/or pets. At home, when you strip down to your birthday suit, mindfulness suffuses so deeply that you experience being the hanging clothes. You become the very quintessence of hanging, holding fast like an agile gibbon’s sure hands to a limb or vine. Nature’s evolved precision of action is as evident in your clothes hanging as it is in gibbons leaping through the forest canopy.

Treat yourself to ecstatic clothes hanging. You deserve it.

Strong, tall, and handsome at approximately 76 inches. 

Frequently purchased with the Strong Bench.  


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